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Electrical Services in Sydney | Electrical Wiring, Installation and Electrical Repairs

Gary’s Electrical Service has specialised in servicing the local community in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and St George areas with a complete range of electrical services, electrical wiring installation and electrical repairs for over 20 years.

We have built our reputation on providing quality workmanship, value for money and reliable electrical services for Sydney homes and businesses. Regardless of the size of your electrical wiring installation, electrical repair or appliance installation, you’ll love the way that we turn up on time, do what we say we’ll do and clean up after we’ve finished.

We believe it’s our service that sets us apart from our competitors.


Our Electrical Wiring Installation, Electrical Repairs and Electrical Services

We provide a wide range of electrical services, electrical wiring installations and electrical repairs. To learn more about the services that we provide, click the titles below:

Power more
The one thing that is true for most homes is that there is never enough power pointsin the right places.

Whether you need to wire an entire new home or renovation or simply need to add or repair a single power point, Gary’s Electrical Service can provide all of the electrical wiring installation, power point installation and testing safely and efficiently to meet your exact needs. Gary works with you to ensure that your Power circuits are wired correctly and are protected by a Safety switch that is working correctly.
To avoid overloading and nuisance tripping make sure your house has enough separate power circuits installed and individually protected by a Safety Switch. (Rcd).

Contact us to book one of our electrical services specialists to visit your home or business today.

Electrical more

Faulty electrics are not only an inconvenience - they also present a huge safety risk to you, your home and your family.

If you notice that your circuits frequently trip, you occasionally smell smoke, your home experiences power surges or you are putting up with flickering lights, contact us today.
If your fuse board hasn’t had a complete check and service in the last 8 years it is worth getting it checked.  Loose connections on the circuit breakers and fuses  can cause a hot joint  which can rapidly lead  to  a breakdown of the protective devices and even can lead to a fire.

With over 20 years of experience, our electrical repairs are efficient ,on time and combined with our great customer service, any electrical repairs that need to be carried are out are guaranteed to be as stress-free for you as possible.

Contact us to book one of our electrical repairs electricians to visit your home or business today.

Safety more

Most appliances and power points around your home are effectively protected from your fuse board.

Many Houses are still relying on fuses and older style circuit breakers to protect them, these devices are not designed to protect people and offer no personal protection at all.

To ensure the safety of your family ensure all of your Power and light circuits are protected by a Safety Switch.

A Safety Switch installed by Gary’s Electrical Service is an effective way of safeguarding you and your family from electrical accidents.

Safety Switches should be tested every 3 months and if it does not trip when the test button is pressed should be replaced by a licensed electrician as soon as possible.

We are very experienced in dealing with all sorts of high-risk electrical wiring installations, and we can give you the right advice and recommendations for any application where a safety switch may be appropriate.

For an obligation free quote and advice on installing one or more safety switch at your home or business, Contact us today.

A well designed and installed security lighting system at your home or business can make life more convenient, make dark areas safer and of course add a proven deterrent to unwelcome visitors.

Depending on your property and your needs, we can design and install a range of cost effective security lighting solutions for your home or business. With movement sensors, manual over-rides and multiple switches, we can tailor a security lighting and electrical wiring installation to meet all of the needs of you and your family.

Contact us to book one of our security lighting and electrical wiring installation electricians to visit your home or business today.

If you are buying, renovating or extending an older property, an electrical property inspection from Gary’s Electrical Service can give you and exact overview of the state of your electrical wiring and electrical installations, peace of mind and can even save you money in the long run.

For a comprehensive Electrical Check on your property or prospective property we have a 25 point Electrical Safety Checklist.
Make sure your house is safe to live in and does not hide a hidden danger within.

With over 20 years of experience dealing with the electrical systems of all types of properties, we complete all of our electrical property inspections with the same attention to detail, efficiency and thoroughness that we have built our name on.

Contact us to book one of our electrical property inspection electricians to visit your home or business today. more

Your switchboard is the electrical heart of your home and is one of the most important parts of your home’s infrastructure.

We have over 20 years of experience in installing and servicing switchboards for all sorts of homes and businesses through Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and St George areas.

Whether you are wiring a new home or renovating an existing home’s electricals, we can check, repair and upgrade the switchboard.

Your switchboard should have Safety Switches (RCDs) protecting  your  individual  Power and lighting circuits to ensure the safety of yourself, Family and friends and to minimise nuisance tripping of your  Electrical Circuits.

Your fuse board should be regularly checked by a licensed electrician to ensure all of the Electrical Connections are ok.

Many Older homes have often had there plumbing replaced, Breaking the Main Earthing Connection which was earthed in the ground through the old metal pipes.

This can lead to a possibly fatal situation. Many people report a slight tingle from a metal sink; this is a symptom that your Earthing System needs immediate attention.

Contact us to book one of our fuse board specialists to visit your home or business today.

Other electrical services we offer are:

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If you need a qualified, experienced and friendly electrician for any domestic or commercial electrical services, make your first call to Gary’s Electrical Service.

We offer free quotes, reliable service and excellent value for money.

For a free quote for your electrical services needs, contact your local electrician today or send us an online enquiry.

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